AUXILIUM LEGALIS – COMPETE TO HELP 15th July- 31st October,2018


INBA launched its second edition on Sexual Harassment survey in 2018.

It was a proud moment for INBA. The 1st Edition of the survey spoke volumes of truth about sexual Harassment in India. This year INBA has taken another step forward and has decided to conduct Sexual Awareness Program along with collecting survey details. Thus, under this initiative of creating awareness INBA has decided to conduct a “Legal Aid Competition” among different “Legal Aid Centers/Cells” of different law universities in India to promote more Sexual Awareness. “Auxilium Legalis” is the first edition of the competition. The word is a Latin term which means “Legal Aid”. The competition calls forward all the Legal Institutions of India to join their hand and Compete to help the Sexually Harassed people and create a National awareness along with INBA.


  • To provide legal aid services Sexual Harassed women in nearby area of the college;
  • Organizing creative workshop and campaign for women and children on Sexual Harassment;
  • Holding awareness drive in the area;
  • Collecting Feedback and understanding the mentality and counseling the women.
  • Further, creating a Notion among individual that Sexual Harassment has to end.


  • The competition is spread over 4 Months: July, August, September and October.
  • The organizer will provide a set of Example event list to ever college which may or may not be followed by the college, but an innovative event for spreading awareness on Sexual Harassment has to be conducted and completed within every two weeks.
  • After which the college has to send an Update Report to INBA for the event.
  • Before conducting an event an Information Mail has to be sent to INBA, with all the details.
  • The competition shall start from 15th July and end on 31st October
  • In every two weeks the college has to complete one event for spreading Sexual Harassment: Thou, organizers make it mandatory for every college to conduct 6 events but gives liberty to conduct the event as per convenience i.e. the guideline of conducting it in every two week is dependent on the college it may or may not be followed.
  • At the end of 07th October each college has to complete 6 events: Mandatory.
  • After, completion of 07th October, each college has to send INBA a report of the 6 events conducted by the college within 31stOctober, 2018, Time: 12:00 Am.
  • Then the report shall be evaluated in consonance with the evaluation criteria and top three winners shall be declared in November.
  • The representative from Winner College shall be called upon in Delhi and awarded with the prize on 27th


  • Participation is invited from law students of Legal Aid cell of any college/ university/ institution of India.
  • If a college has no established Legal Aid Cell, then a single student can take a led with acceptance from the head of the Institution. (This fact has to be mailed to us in Registration)


Entries received shall be judged on the following criteria:

  • Innovation: Innovative concept used by the college for spreading awareness on Sexual Harassment, the example List Ideas have open ended guideline you are free to keep the idea and make it more innovative, develop on it.
  • Presentation and Preparation: The event presentation and the Preparations made shall be important criteria for marking.
  • Quality and quantity: Number of people you have reached and the social Impact you have made.
  • Report: The Report shall be the Mirror of your work of 4 months.


  • The College has to send a Participation confirmation mail in the Mail ID: and further CC the full document to .The mail should be sent from their official legal aid cell Email ID.
  • The Director and Faculty-in charge/Convener has to write a willingness note for the same which has to be attached with the mail.
  • The mail should have the Subject “Free Legal Aid Competition”. The body of the mail should contain Name of the College/ University/ Institution; Name(s) of Head(s)/ Convener(s); E-mail Address & Contact No.
  • Members of the cell have to write a brief on how they plan on conducting the event and what do they seek on achieving. The brief must be sent in doc and PDF format. It has to be a maximum of 1000 words.
  • The Early Registration starts from 18th June to 15st July.
  • An amount of INR 1000 has to be deposited by every Legal Aid Cell in: Cheque or Demand draft in favor of “Indian National Bar Association” The DD or Cheque has to be attached in the mail with the confirmation.
INBA’s Bank Account no:  1509002101114397
Punjab National Bank, Maharani Bagh, Ashram Chowk, New Delhi – 110014
IFSC Code: PUNB0150900


  • The Prize shall be given to top 3 Legal Aid Cell in the competition.
  • The top three winner cell and college will be awarded a certificate of appreciation from INBA
  • Winner will receive prize worth INR 10,000/- in Cash and Kind for the Winner
  • Runners Up will be receiving INR 7000/- in Cash and Kind.
  • The Second Runners Up shall receive a prize worth 5000/- in cash and kind.
  • The award will be given out in 27th Nov, 2018 in the Law Day event hosted by INBA.
  • Each Participating college shall be awarded a Participation Certificate.


  • If a college misses the early registration deadline they are free to apply till 31st July but they have to complete 6 events/drives for Spreading awareness on Sexual Harassment to be a part of winner nomination.
  • The total time span of the competition is from 15th July- 31st October.
  • The Last Day for Report Submission shall be 31st October. The Final Report Submission Guideline shall be sent on 1st October, 2018.
  • The Update Report Guideline shall be sent with Registration Acknowledgement Mail.
  • The organizers of the Competition hold discretionary powers to disqualify any Participating college for misconduct or any other reason which the organizers think a ground of disqualification.
  • The Organizers shall hold the discretion to decide the final top three winners and shall not be answerable for the decision.
  • Each event must be video-graphed and Photographed for Report and Update Report. Also, keep a budget Report and Testimonial of all six events.
  • This is to be noted that all certificates, banners or pamphlets given for competitions organized should consist an INBA logo and has to be first given for check to INBA, if an event is being conducted from the Example List the name of the event has to be followed as given in the list.
  • Brief Submitted in the Registration is the first impression and is subjected to evaluation.
  • If a mail is placed for clarification then put the subject as “Clarification”

Please find details of the competition attached in the brochure and the Example List.

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For Competition Related queries:

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E-mail: and cc to

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