C S Karnan’s plea to recall the order rejected.


C S Karnan, former Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court while serving as the judge of Madras High Court accused the judiciary of nepotism, casteism  and corruption after which he was found guilty of contempt of court and is sentenced to six months prison.
On 21 June, he approached a vacation bench of Justices D Y Chandrachud and S K Kaul seeking interim bail and suspension of the six-month sentence. The bench refused to entertain his plea and suggested takeing the plea before the bench of Chief Justice as the court is bound by the order passed by seven judge Bench.
The court awarded 6 months imprisonment to C S Karnan but he was arrested from Coimbatore after 43 days as he was on run.
Today, on Monday C S Karnan’s lawyer Mathew Nedumpara submitted the plea to recall the contempt order before a bench of chief justice J S Khehar and D Y Chandrachud.
The plea was refused to be entertained and CJI Khehar said Nedumpara “In any part of the world can a judgment be overturned on the basis of oral submissions or request? We will not admit your plea.” He also said that the request has nothing to do with the case and the aim and objective of the request is something else.

Shivani Singh, Legal Reporter, Section for Law, INBA

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