Chief Justice of Gauhati High Court becomes a chauffeur for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Gauhati HC Bar Association Expresses Its Displeasure


Source: Time8

 Gauhati High Court Chief Justice Ajit Singh has landed himself in debate after being seen escorting Art of Living founder and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from the airport to his official residence by driving the car himself, when the latter visited Gauhati on September 5 to attend North-East Indigenous People’s conference.

Expressing its disapproval of the Chief Justice’s gesture, the High Court Bar Association has reached a resolution requiring him to be more vigilant in the future and all judicial officers to avoid such involvement.

The Gauhati High Court Bar Association took an extraordinary general body meeting on September 11 to discuss the matter, which it got to know through the massive print and electronic media reporting.

A communication signed by Bar president Krishnakant Mahanta said the meeting also had on its agenda how some members of the banned organization could be found out in the photographs with the Chief Justice, who later also left them to take on Sri Sri at his official residence.

“The Bar has expressed its displeasure in the participation of the Chief Justice on receiving the spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the airport with the members of a banned organization at the same time and also escorting him to his official residence by driving the car himself and then providing an opportunity for those members to visit the said spiritual guru in his official residence.

“The Bar is of the unanimous view that in the interest of keeping the public confidence and assurance in the judicial system, such involvement should be averted by all judicial officers. Hence the Bar urges upon the Honorable Chief Justice to be more vigilant in future in this regard,” it said.

By: Manavi Joshi

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