Complete Full stop to sale of liquor in M.P


“Intoxication is not elixir of life rather it kills you very slowly”
“A healthy mind rests in healthy body”

According to Article 47 of the Indian Constitution which deals with the Directive Principles of State Policy provides that it is the duty of the government to prohibit consumption of intoxicating drinks and drugs except for the medicinal use. Though it is true that these principles are not enforceable but can be made by enacting laws in that direction. Various state governments have taken steps in this direction but state of M.P. is still behind. At various events, promises are made by the government to put ban on liquor shops but they remain mere promises.

Various places in state of M.P. have been declared as sacred cities and it was announced to make these cities free from meat and liquor shops. But it remained restricted to order because in reality, situation is opposite as in areas of Maher, orcha, Maheshwar to Mandleshwar still sale of liquor is going on publicly.

To make liquor free state youth has also joined hands with women who are continuously protesting and campaigning against sale of liquor in residential areas. The mass protests and campaigns are not only restricted to city of Ujjain but been started in city of lakes too and spreading like a fire in whole M.P. The famous Kumbh Mela ‘Simhansth’ is going in Ujjain. Various saints at Ujjain are preaching to stop consumption of liquor as it badly affects to human life.

No strict steps have been undertaken by corporation and government. The campaigns and protests are unheard by them. People want complete ban on sale and shops of liquor in M.P. as like in Bihar.

The ban on sale of liquor will definitely affects economy of the state and country but it can be increased when those people are engaged in some other work. Most important is that it saves life which is very precious. It will give a healthy society and environment. Youth will not get distracted to these shops if completely removed from residential areas rather from whole state, So, the need of the hour is complete ban on liquor shops and other intoxicating drugs in the heart of India and strict law in this direction should be passed by State Legislature.

By – Manas Bulchandani

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