Work Profile of Adv. Chandra Mohan Garg

Qualifications/Designation: M.A.LL.B. (Hons.)

Court: Bhopal District Court

Cases deals in: Civil and Railway Claims & Compensation cases

INBA Student Reporter: We often hear news that legal professionals or advocates had raised their voice in court-rooms while communicating to judge. What you think does it clearly amount to contempt of court or it is necessary to present your case much effectively? Should morality and law go together?


  • Raising voice and speaking effectively are two different things. It totally depends on the situation as sometimes it is necessary to present your case effectively but the other times it is just disrespect to the court.
  • If we see practically, it is injustice to both the lawyers and judges as a lawyer has to present or prepare on an average 10 cases a day but a judge has to deal with many within a stipulated time. So, sometimes there is a little lack of attention paid by judges in some matters and at this very instance the lawyer has to present his case effectively for a better outcome which earns him his bread butter.
  • My question to you is that why always morality is seen from the perspective of a lawyer and not from that of a judge?

INBA Student Reporter: Is it right on part of four Supreme Court judges to expose judiciary in front of people through press? Is it a true democracy? Was judiciary really in need of press conference?


  • It was not at all a right step on the part of the judges to call for Press as there was no need of it as there is no choice offered to anyone but to work what is given.

INBA Student Reporter:  What you think what should be an ideal relationship between advocates and police and between judges and advocates?


  • No relationship is required between any two but that of mutual respect and true dedication towards their work.

INBA Student Reporter:  According to NCRB Report 2017, crime rate has shown increase in figures in M.P. What you think is there any fault or loopholes in justice-dispensing machinery or lack of morality in public or lack of proper administration by authorities?


  • Proper implementation of existing laws and prevention from delay in justice.

INBA Student Reporter:   Any case which you feel was a master-stroke or gave you some lesson for the future?


  • Every day teaches you something.

INBA Student Reporter: What you think how the problem of hostile witnesses can be tackled? Is there need of change in present law on this subject?


  • Provide safety and Protection of witnesses

INBA Student Reporter:   What message you want to give law students? What qualities should a law student have?


  • Study case laws and real judgments
  • Study thoroughly
  • One should excel their reading skills
  • Work with dedication

By- Manas Bulchandani, Student Reporter, INBA

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