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New Delhi: Shopkeepers have unlawfully and illegally had encroached rampantly with their shops situated on the Hospital Road, Jangpura Extension, New Delhi. This turns out to be a huge chaos in the area. Shopkeepers have constructed to cover the pavement in front of their shops.  After this the shopkeepers constructed the elevated platform on the road in front of their shops and which results out to be a problem to the public in general.  The customers park their cars in front of the shops which further more results out be in Traffic, Accidents in the area, causing pollution in the area and other such public problems due to such illegal constructions.

It reduced the width of 80 feet road to substantially a narrow street.  Jangpura Extension residents filed writ petition before the Delhi High Court for removal of illegal structure and keep the road open.

Supreme Court and High Court has issued direction to police to register the FIR against encroachers as it is an offence under Indian Penal Code & MCD Act.   However no action is taken by the police.  Even the construction materials are lying on the road.

Jangpura Welfare Association had filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and still the case is pending with the High Court of Delhi. In fact Delhi Police is aware of the fact the encroachment is illegal and still no action has been taken till now. They have ignored the fact by quoting “This work is of Municipal Corporation and not of the Delhi Police”.

Further Indian National Bar Association tried to contact the DCP South and SHO, Police Station, Nizamuddin but he refused to give any comments on this fact.

Reported by- Sahil Chopra, Chairman , Corporate Relations, INBA

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