Drug Abuse by youth of India



Education as the sole propriety for success and fame in India is at its competitive parlance among students and the youth inclusive of all. The overall review of a student’s or a youth’s personality is recognized mostly on his academic success which is quite responsible for creating an intertwined string of stress and depression among them which is at a level that it requires utmost attention and care, otherwise it doesn’t take time for a youth to go haywire in his respective field under the pressure to achieve the most. The educational system with a competitive and a non flexible nature has an impact where youths and students opt for fighting this non flexibility with a state of mind which, if achieved naturally has a good impact on them, but if achieved by harming a self, destroys everything. With lakhs of youngsters appearing for various competitions of life, they find a solution out of stress in a form which certainly undermines their lifetime struggle for their goals. With youngsters opting for drugs and anti depressants to combat stress, not only they march towards putting a blot on their identity, but also on their path breaking hard work. The stress created in this manner can be said to be one of the major reasons for youngsters getting involved in drugs and other sorts of medication. Again there is always a parental burden which adds to the pressure of making it big academically, which pushes students ruthlessly towards this menace in such a way that it does not give students a chance to overcome the burden with a smart strategy or with help of any sort.

Often it is observed that insulting treatment at schools, colleges, workplaces, amongst relatives and family problems also leads to drug abuse among youngsters who fail to cope up with the ever-growing personal insults and bad treatments. Workplace burden and enmities with colleagues results in deviance amongst youngsters which later results in disastrous and detrimental effects on the individual and the practical world which creates a Machiavellian tyranny around the person leads him to render help from drugs. The burden created by this tyranny contributes to the drug menace among them where they find no way out.

Curiosity, kick and lavishness are some of the factors which drag students and youth in drug abuse for the first time[1]. Till they overcome the disaster they have entered into which may take several years, it’s too late. The atmosphere of friends in which a youngster stays also influences his/her activities. A boy/girl who has a company of friends who are into drugs and alcohol tends to imitate the same as a mark and an attempt to be an active member of the group or else the same person would be kept lagging behind by the group because of the opposite attitude of the person from the group. Thus, this ideology of staying amongst a group of people results in addiction of the same leading to many unproductive activities of the youngsters.

The problem regarding drug abuse in India is mainly due to the lack of a positive nurturing atmosphere, facilities and sensitization programmes which would provide proper rehabilitation about drug abuse in schools or for children out of school. India does not have a substance abuse policy. There is also a high incidence of charging children under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, 1985. Youngsters who at times do not have access to expensive and high quality drugs use easily available substances which are found in corner stores such as cough syrups, pain relief ointments, glue, paint, gasoline, white inks and cleaning fluids.[2] There are very few to no health centers that deal with drug abuse problems, especially in the rural areas where there not only lacks proper education for this topic but also centres for their rehabilitation.


Family and good company plays an important role for helping an individual coming over stress and depression and avoiding him from opting for unnatural methods which creates a blatant disregard by the individual on his own epitome. A personal desire to give up drug addiction solves the problems half on its way. A positively fulfilled and satisfied mind is what should be provided to an individual undergoing the drug menace for that is likely to drive him away from such activities.  Family should support their child to understand what he/she is going through and what compelled them to take such a risky step.[3] Parents should try to motivate and understand what the individual really wants in life instead of putting an educational and psychological burden on him. Every individual is different from the other and the social stigma around the individual should really try to understand the individual or student’s prevention and expectation to avoid any cases related to alcohol or drug abuse.

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