Accused Governer V. Shanmuganathan finally Resigned

The Governer is accused of ‘Sexual Assault’

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A complaint is about alleged misconduct on the governor of a southern state has been received by the home ministry.

The complaint is about the governor allegedly seeking sexual  favours from women staff at the Raj Bhavan and the matter is being probed.

The Centre has taken a sincere look at the allegations and has directed agencies to examine  evidence about  this.   If the complaint is found to some reality, the governor will be asked to resign immediately. The Last time a scandal disclosed in  january last year when complaints against Meghalaya governor V Shanmuganathan were received of same allegation.

It is learnt that the governor in question has not been summoned by the Centre as yet. The Centre is concerned about the allegations as the state has been politically volatile.

In the case of V. Shanmuganathan, 100 employees of the Raj Bhavan had complained V. Shanmuganathan ,President Pranab Mukherjee demanding his recall.

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