After GST, now it is One product, one MRP from 1st January, 2018.


As per the changes made in the Legal Metrology (packed commodities)Rules 2011, companies will not be able to sell same product at different MRP in effect from 1st January,2018.
“Specific mention is made in the rules that no person shall declare different MRPs (dual MRP) on an identical pre-packaged commodity, unless allowed under any law. This will benefit consumers at large as they are having complaint regarding dual MRP for item depending upon different type of public places like cinema hall, airport, malls etc.,” the consumer affairs department said.The amendment has been approved by the Ram Vilas Paswan Union Food and Consumer Affairs Minister.
The rule applies only to pre-packed commodities. Further it has been made mandatory to mention retail prices on e-commerce platforms. Medical devices and medicinal drugs are also bought under the amendment and hence it is necessary to stamp MRP on these, the government has also ordered to increase the size of the numbers so that it is visible and easy for customers to identify.
The amendment will benefit the customers at large as now they will not have to pay steep prices for packed products including mineral water at different places like theatres, malls, airports etc.

By: Shivani Singh, Legal Reporter, Section for Law, INBA

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