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In the era of man’s ascendancy to power, the institution of marriage came into existence as an exclusive union. It is believed that wife is Ardhangini i.e. half of man. Man is only half not complete until he marries. Wife is not grihapatni, but also dharampatni. In the Ramayana,
the wife is said to be very soul of her husband. The issue of women’s Right has been increasingly entangled within the polemics of politics and minority rights. The live on an average Hindu Women has always been difficult and pitiable due to existing social customs practices of time.

Nevertheless, today the laws are such that a woman can easily misuse it for her purpose and benefits. Although women protective laws have been justified with respect to status of women in older times, but as we all know the world has changed and so on the behavior of women. The law on the other hand has not changed proportionately. The society has progressed to such an extent that criminality among women have achieved a higher stand in society and certainly have become influential but with in olden times. The repeatedly misuse of legal protection can lead to new terrorism.

Therefore, there is, need to change law relating to women. In India and elsewhere in the world, there are no special Laws for Male. While making Special Laws for Women, legislators must think of victimized Sect of Society in male line also. The effect of these laws is unjustified power in the hands of women for blackmail and extortion in disputes, which irreparably damages the life of Males and becomes the reason for their death.


By: Ashish Badoni, Student Reporter, INBA

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