Inhumanity towards Human Rights activist: Khurram Zaki killed by unknown assailants in Pakistan


Khurram Zaki, a social media campaigner and human rights activist known for his strong stance against religious extremism in Pakistan, was killed by unknown assailants in the country’s financial capital of Karachi. Zaki (40), was killed last night by four armed assailants who came on two motorcycles while he was having dinner at a restaurant in Sector 11 of New Karachi.

A journalist, Rao Khalid who was with Zaki and a bystander Aslam were critically wounded in the attack. Zaki, a former journalist gained fame when he launched a Facebook page, “Let Us Build Pakistan” and became editor of a website devoted to working for human rights and spreading liberal religious views.

He had condemned extremism in all forms and came into limelight when he led a campaign against Lal Masjid cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz for inciting hatred against Shia Muslims. He and other campaigners built up pressure and got a case registered against Aziz. Zaki’s assassination came on the same day when Karachi police announced that they had arrested a prime suspect in the murder of social activist Parveen Rehman who was killed in May 2013.

By – Nikita Goel

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