Interview of Adv Ashish Dixit on the Outrageous Attack on the Delhi High Court Bar Association by INBA Reporters Committee

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About the Advocate Ashish Dixit

He is a practicing lawyer with expertise in commercial-criminal litigation, white collar crimes with focus on the matters involving Corporate Entities and its Executives and the matters under the Sexual Harassment Laws & Prevention of Corruption Laws.


Background of Recent Crisis in Delhi High Court

In the past one week, we have witnessed a biggest crisis in the history of Delhi High Court, where lawyers who are appearing in a matter of one lady lawyer, their properties were attacked by the some unknown sources just some days before the 69th Republic Day Celebration.

Including this the act of Delhi Police was also unjustifiable where they have arrested that lady lawyer even after the High Court granted her bail and which resultant suspension of IO involved in this matter for ignoring the order of Delhi High Court.

On Thursday, 25th January, the The Delhi High Court lawyers called total abstention from work protesting the recent attack on the properties of two senior advocates.

The executive committee of the Delhi High Court Bar Association (DHCBA) on Wednesday authorized a resolution decrying the attacks on 9th and 22nd January on the properties and cars of senior advocates Vikas Pahwa and Kirti Uppal, who is also the President of DHCBA, by using flammable substances.


Interview with Advocate Ashish Dixit

Another day, another interview of Advocate Ashish Dixit, taken by the INBA Reporter on the recent crisis in Delhi High Court. Mr. Dixit, shared his opinions regarding the recent crisis and also briefly discussed all legal provisions available for bar in this sought.  Firstly, he said that “whatever happened not only contemplate but also unfortunate that such things are happening with the lawyers who are officers of the court.”

He told that the FIR has already been registered in this case and now it needs to be properly investigated and in case of any improper conduct on behalf of any police officer, the bar and the lawyers should approach the court and seek monitoring of the investigation. Likewise, the lawyers can ask for constitution of SIT, the provisions which would be relevant for this arena:

Firstly of all, this act is punishable under the provisions of IPC, 1860.

Secondly, it is also a criminal contempt of court because they are preventing, threatening and precluding the lawyers from appearing on behalf of the litigant, hence it is a straightforward case of interference with the administration of justice. Therefore, contempt petition should be filed and appropriate actions should be taken.


Regarding Arrest of Lady Lawyer on Charges of Stalking

In this regards, Mr. Dixit told us that, the case of stalking is not gender neutral, it has to be a woman who has been stalked, not a woman who’s stalking. In that case the order was passed by the Delhi High Court saying that the lady lawyer should not be arrested and despite that the police officer went to the residence of a lawyer from whom she was taking advice, she was picked up, manhandled and literally abused and for this purpose the bar went on to file a writ petition before the High Court of Delhi and due which only Mr. Uppal and Mr. Pawah, has faced this type of threat. Hence, its revenge thing and high court should adopt a substantial action against this.


Message to Legal Fraternity

He requested whole legal fraternity and said that, the lawyers should stand together, forget your petty differences, if the leaders, including President of the bar can be attacked we all are really vulnerable. We should stand with these leaders and fight it out and make sure the respect and integrity of lawyers has mentioned in the society.

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Interview by: Tushar Solanki, Co-Convener, Reporters Committee, INBA

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