Judges should not reveal victim’s name in sexual assault judgements: Delhi High Court


In the case of Gopal Yadav v. The State (GNCT) Delhi, the Delhi High Court knocked down lower courts for revealing the names of victims in judgements of sexual assault cases. Justice S.P. Garg observed that “Before parting with the case, it is noted that in the impugned judgement dated 21.10.2013 name of the prosecutrix/victim has been disclosed. The Trial Court was not expected to indicate the victims name in the judgement to protect her reputation”.

The petition was filed by Mr. Gopal Yadav, challenging the validity of the judgment passed by the District and Sessions Judge in July, 2014 where his conviction for assaulting a seven year old girl as mentioned by the Magistrate was upheld. The counsel of petitioner requested the Judge to show leniency as the petitioner us aged about 65 years.

Further, the Court refused to show leniency by taking the gravity of offence into consideration.

The Delhi High Court also stated in the Judgement of Gopal Yadav case, that the lower courts including each hierarchy of court should not reveal the name of victims suffering from such serious offences as it lead to defaming the person and dimishing its reputation in society without and guilt on the side of that person.

By – Mohd Imran Idrisi

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