Minutes of Meeting held on 01.09.2017 at Ministry of Commerce with Sudhanshu Pandey, Joint Secretary


Attending By : Lalit Bhashi, Jyoti Sagar, Salman Waris, Mohit Saraf, Kaviraj Singh, Ashok Sharma

Lalit Bhashi, Jyoti Sagar, Mohit Saraf strongly argued that Foreign Law Firms should not be allowed to hire Indian lawyer.  Even they should not enter into any kind of arrangements with Indian lawyers or Law Firms. Kaviraj Singh and Salman Waris said that many Indian Law Firms have hired foreign lawyers in India and also has opened their offices in USA, Singapore, Dubai and London. INBA agree with the government that Foreign Law Firms can hire Indian Lawyers otherwise the very purpose of opening of legal market will be defeated.  Even Foreign Law Firms may not come. Further Kaviraj Singh said that Inhouse Counsel ceased to be lawyer and can not render legal opinion opposed to the purpose for which they are hired.  So they should be allowed to retain their license.  Ashok Sharma supported this opinion.  SILF is trying to make this step difficult so foreign law firms will not find of any use for coming to India. Mr Sudhanshu Pandey, Joint Secretary requested all to submit the comments on the followings : (a)  Liberalisation of  Indian Legal Market, (b) Making India Arbitration Hub, (c) Domestice Legal Reforms.

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