NALSA launches web application to help undertrail prisoners.


A web application was launched by The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) on Wednesday, june 28 to provide legal assistance to poor under trail prisoners who cannot afford legal help and remain unrepresented.
Supreme Court Judge and NALSA Executive Chairman, Deepak Mishra gave the information that Data is to be feed for each individual prisoner by the State Legal Services Authorities (SLSA) and the District Legal Services Authorities in their jurisdiction. Further information collected from jail authorities such as detail of pending cases, the representing lawyer, next date of hearing and any any other related information needs to be feed.
The objective behind launching of the application is to monitor the real time changes and make the working of legal system more efficient and transparent. To provide every individual with their fundamental right of fair and speedy trail.
NALSA aims to map and monitor nations 1401 jails with 4,19,623 prisoners.

Shivani Singh, Legal Reporter, Section for Law, INBA

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