Women in India along with Delhi Police Survey

National Crime Report against Women in India along with Delhi Police Survey


In the light of recent environment of women empowerment and various cases regarding women exploitation coming to light, INBA conducted a survey in order to determine the perception and reality of Delhi Police. The survey conducted by INBA was based on the crime reports published by national crime records bureau from 2007 to 2016.

The National Crime Report was launched on 26th October 2018 at Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi by Indian National Bar Association’s esteemed Senior Patron, Sh. K.T.S. Tulsi , Hon’ble Member of Parliament and Senior Advocate of Supreme Court along with other luminary dignitaries- Smt. Preeti Bhardwaj, Hon’ble Vice-Chairperson of Haryana Mahila Ayog, Sh P.K Malhotra, Hon’ble Secretary, Ministry of Law and Justice (Retd.), Sh Harshvardhan, Indian Revenue Services and Dr Rajeev Khanna, Former DEAN & Head, Faculty of Law, Delhi University.

The Secretary General of Indian National Bar Association, Sh. Kaviraj Singh opined that in order to ascertain the true crime rates, such a survey should be conducted at PAN India level. In furtherance to this, The Young Lawyers Section and Student’s Section of Indian National Bar Association conducted the survey. Advocate Vinakshi Kadan and Advocate Ashish Dixit, being the notable Supreme Court counsels guided the team of researchers and editors to achieve the best possible crime statistics. The researching team was led by Ms. Bhawna Gandhi, Chairperson, Section for Law Students and Megha Ahuja.

In the last two years, India has witnessed various horrifying cases of violence wherein women have been exploited, raped, murdered brutally. Rape cases of Kathua village, Muzafffarpur shelter home have received a lot of publicity because of their heinous nature. The amount of cases that are coming to light these days make us question whether these crimes are new occurrence or have we been too blind to notice earlier?

With crime against women on the rise, role of police authorities has never been more important. Hence, this survey was conducted by INBA. The objective of the survey was to identify the belief and perception of people towards the Delhi police authority. In the process, INBA received around 900 responses from the residents of Delhi.

INBA student members posed several questions to Delhi residents in the process of the survey. Some of the questions asked are- Do you think Delhi Police follows the Rules/Guidance? It was revealed that only 20% of the data collected from the sample responded positively to this question. Has the Delhi Police fairly treated Lady Lawyer while arresting her? The result of the survey revealed that 75.4% responded negatively.

All in all the result of the survey paint a dire some picture of what is perceived of the Delhi police. It seems that despite various rules, procedures, provisions, Supreme Court guidelines the condition has not improved. Police authority, which is created for the protection of the civil society, seems to have lost their faith. However, such a notion is highly detrimental to the society as a whole. With women safety at stake this is a really big issue and need to addressed and resolved properly.

The National Crime Report provides all the details of the survey along with introduction to INBA and its esteemed patrons and is the end-product of the contribution of The Young Lawyers Section and Student’s Section of Indian National Bar Association. The National Crime Report can also be accessed at the website of INBA- www.inbatv.com or https://bit.ly/2CXYjOK

Neha Bargotra
Chairperson-Reporter’s Committee,INBA

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