No helmet, no Petrol rule fails due to lack of implementation

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In January the Collector of Indore, P Nahari, issued an order which mandated all the petrol pump owners not to sell petrol to those two wheeler riders who were not wearing helmet. It was also announced that strict action would be taken against those petrol pump owners who defied this order which might also include cancellation of their licenses.

This order was implemented without enthusiasm, the petrol pump owners actually treated this as a way to make quick buck, by handling out helmets for rent for five Rupees which is to be returned after the rider buys petrol. Furthermore many riders were seen coming into the petrol pump with their helmets on and leaving the same without any.

The attitude of the law enforcement agencies toward the same has been lack luster as well and that is the reason that merely four months after its promulgation the order has disappeared from the public minds without leaving any trace.

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