Ordinance for postponing NEET: Approved by Union Cabinet

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National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) to be conducted by CBSE for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students is now getting postponed by one year. Ordinance for postponing the exam got approved by the Cabinet and need the final approval from President.

But, Congress on the other hand slammed the government for bringing the ordinance, claiming that it is influenced by “powerful medical lobby” and considered the postponing decision as inappropriate.

When this exam was first introduced in 2012, it was opposed by many States, including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu as they claimed that it is violating their right to keep education a State subject. But, after different objections in 2013 judgement, Supreme Court held that NEET would deprive State universities right to admit students as per their own admission procedures and declare test as violating the constitution.

But later in 2016 judgement, SC stated this test as the soul for admission in medical colleges. Supreme Court in its judgement disallowed other states to conduct their own exam and mandate NEET for all the medical aspirants. The apex court said that all government universities, deemed universities, private medical colleges will fall under this examination and no university or college will be allowed to conduct any examination separately. The motive behind bringing NEET was to remove the corruption and malpractices done by universities, colleges and different political parties while conducting examinations.

But after receiving protest from various states and students, the government is deferring the exam by 12 months so that students can get enough time to prepare. Thus, ordinance introduced for postponing the examination for proper setup and in the favour of the students and approved by the NDA government.

By – Simran Arora

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