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Delhi High Court on January 23, 2018 passed a judgment directing respondent to provide gold medal to the Petitioner candidate. This observation came in the Petition filed by a student against the Amity Law School, Delhi which is affiliated to GGSIPU, Delhi. Mr. Abhinav Pandey prayed from the court of Delhi to provide a Gold Medal to him which he is entitled because of the reason that he attained the highest marks.

The grievance in this petition was that the student was refused to provide a gold medal by the college on the ground that he didn’t appear for the two papers viz. Code of Civil Procedure (CPC) and Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) in his first attempt.

The institution submitted before the Coram of Justice Indermeet Kaur that the Petitioner fails to give his two exams viz. CrPC and CPC in 2013 and appear in the year 2014 for these two papers. The institution pleaded that the petitioner is not entitled for Gold medal because of ordinance XI which is the governing ordinance and any student who fails to appear in the examination at the first time and thereafter appears in these two papers on subsequent date would qualify as second attempt on his part. Respondent also submitted that the petitioner got one year time to prepare himself for the above said two examinations.

After hearing both sides Justice Indermeet Kaur held that:

“The Petitioner qualifies his papers in the ‘first attempt’ with the highest CPI was thus entitled to the award of Gold medal.” He further added that this court would not like to disturb the status of Respondent No.3 (Student who was already awarded with Gold medal) and a second medal had been awarded to the Petitioner.

SANDEEP, Student Reporter – INBA

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