Reverse Migration in Bhopal: RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan

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Generally, it is seen that people migrate from urban areas to rural areas in search of job and better facilities. But in the Salamatpur area of Bhopal, situation is quite opposite because here youth who migrated from village to city in search of employment returned to their home town. It sets an example for RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan who came to Bhopal for two days visit. He was born in Bhopal. He is one of the famous and brilliant economist of the world. He remained economist in IMF from 2003-2006. Recently, he was enlisted in 100 powerful persons of the world.

Earlier, in Salamatpur area which is 40 km away from Bhopal, youth were not having any work to do. They used to migrate to Bhopal and other areas in search of work. But the villagers took initiative to create Self-help groups and undertook certain measures to generate employment opportunities and within a period of time youth started to return to their home village and became a place of reverse migration. It has various advantages in a way that it generates employment in villages, increases economy of villages, reduces burden on urban areas and to lead a satisfactory life.

He also showed his concern over drought in Bhopal and effect on Bank loans and interest installments. He instructed Central Bank to provide all incentives and loans to farmers so that they should not face any problem in drought. Reverse migration was possible in Salamatpur with the help of Bank.

With the creation of SHGs and help of Banks employment opportunities can be generated as like in Bhopal in other areas of the country then reverse migration will prove boon to economy of the country and reduces unemployment. If youth who is migrating to other gulf countries returns to India then definitely country will progress and no force can stop our country to become strong and powerful developed country.

By – Manas Bulchandani

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