Rs 2000 fine for honking at silence zone.


The Maharashtra government, before the Bombay High Court stated in an affidavit that on April6, 2017 a bill was passed by the state assembly to enact the Maharashtra Transport and Roads Safety Act.
The affidavit was submitted before the bench of Justice AS Oka and Justice Vibha Kankanwadi by Advocate-General AA Kumbhakoni while the hearing of the petition for the effective implementation of Noise Pollution Rules, 2002.
Once the bill gets President’s assent, the following changes in honking in silence zones.
Section 15 (1) of the said Act, it is contemplated that the state government shall make rules for effective enforcement of the Central Act, for reducing and controlling air and noise pollution of the motor vehicles.
Section 20 restricts the use of horns, it provides that a driver of a vehicle shall not:
(i) sound the horn needlessly or continuously or more than necessary to ensure safety
(ii)  sound the horn in silence zones
(iii) make use of a cut-out by which exhaust gases are released other than through the silencer
(iv) fit or use any multi-toned horn giving a harsh, shrill, loud or alarming noise
(v) drive a vehicle creating undue noise when in motion and
(vi) drive a vehicle with a muffler causing alarming noise
Under Section 23 of the act Any violation to these provisions will lead to a fine of Rs. 2000.
MPCB in coordination with municipal corporations will conduct sound mapping using 25 sound level metres in Maharashtra’s 27 cities.

Published by: Shivani Singh, Legal Reporter, Section for Law, INBA

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