Simple Living High Thinking is my motto: Sh. Arjun Ram Meghwal

Simple Living High Thinking is my motto: Sh. Arjun Ram Meghwal


In the times when dignitaries commute with plethora of flashy cars, MP Sh. Arjun Ram Meghwal chooses a bicycle to commute. In an interview with Indian National Bar Association’s delegation, Mr. Meghwal commented upon the impending hazards that we live amidst. He said that all of us are responsible for the growing environmental crisis and hence we should all do our part to save the planet. To put it in his words – It is the need of the hour. He also mentioned that once every month, on a full moon night, he spends time without electricity. He emphasized upon the importance of such deliberations to work for the betterment of the planet and thus, the mankind as a whole. Earth, the liveable planet that we take for granted, is everyone’s responsibility.

When asked about the condition of Indian Education System, he mentioned that India needs educated people, no doubt, but apart from that we need principled human resource and thus there needs to be an impetus on moral values. Such education dispensation system will reap lucrative fruits to be savored by the nation as a whole. As the conversation moved forward, Mr. Meghwal talked about his professional transition from being an Indian Administrative Services’ Officer to Politics, he said that in his earlier portfolio, he had to implement the government policies – which is in contrast to his current portfolio – where he gets to formulate policies as per the need of the people. Friction that he faced as a bureaucrat, that of being stringent contours of formulated policies, has now been reduced as he is the part of the dispensation machinery with the responsibility of framing the same. However, he did mention the fact that both these works, that of framing and implementing the policy, both of them are challenging tasks. He pointed out the significance of practicality and sustainability of the framed law and equally meticulous task of implementing such policies leads to a strengthened democracy.

He reiterated the positive theory of – Minimum Government, Maximum Governance. He explained that this concept leads to abolishment of impractical laws. He added that even the council of ministers should be small. He talked about the dexterity of the character for any portfolio. He said that the principles guiding stones and solid concrete for any strong personality. In his message to the citizens, he asked everybody to follow a moral life and strengthen their efforts to fight the evils such as Global Warming, Corruption etc. He emphasized upon the motto of – Simple Living, High Thinking. The inspiring Personality that he is, we wish him all the best for all his future endeavors.

INBA Delegation:

– Mr. Kaviraj Singh, Secretary General, Indian National Bar Association
– Mr. Nachiket Joshi, UK Convenor, Indian National Bar Association
– Mr. Jayant Bhardwaj, Managing Editor, Editorial Committee, Student Section, Indian National Bar Association

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