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Triple Talaq Ban: FIGHT NOT YET OVER..!!!


Since the early ages, because of patriarchal society we live in, women have always been considered  lower to men in respect of their rights, dignity, significance. But it’s need to uplift the status of the women. Even Zakia Soman, the women who first flagged the atrocity of instant triple talaq said that, it’s a milestone in our long journey for equality, it’s not the end of that journey. On previous year, the Supreme Court declared near about 1400 year old practice of ‘talaq-e-biddat’ unconstitutional, terming it as violated of right to equality of all muslim women. Supreme Court five-judge constitution bench delivers this verdict against this evil and vogue practice. After wining a long battle, women activists in India want law framed to make this practice punishable.

The Law Minister Ravi Shankar Parshad said that, the government will consider this issue in a structured manner and no need for new law. AIMWPLB (All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board) counsel Chandra Rajan said about this verdict that , it’s become a historic for India, particularly Muslim women who have been discriminated against for centuries. It’s quite correct even because it’s about gender equality, justice, dignity but not about the matter of any religion.


By: Shikha Goyal, Student Reporter, INBA

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